About SLABS Crisps

Size Matters –  WE are The Monster, Hunky, Chunky, Big Crisp like no other. Who wants Thin when you can have 4 times THICKER!


Try a Pack, you’ll never go Back – we are the Greatest snack with enormous flavour.

Calling Crisp Monsters and Crisp Connoisseurs – release the inner SLABSTER that’s been dying to get out

We have the perfect, massive variety of potatoes that make magnificent Thick, fried slices of potato that are SLABS.  Cooked with Olive oil for superior taste, lightly dusted with quality seasonings for taste bud tantalisation. Ridged Cut, Thin, over delicate crisps are history.
We love great food and SLABS ARE GREAT.

Versatility ? Check out some of what WE can do :

  • DIPPING & DUNKING – we don’t break
  • REHEAT WITH TOPPINGS – we can take on Nachos
  • SPREAD US – Pate/canape bases
  • GLUTEN FREE – instead of Crackers and Oatcakes, enjoy us with Cheeses
  • Oh… and did we mention if you leave us out for hours, we don’t go soggy like other mere pretenders to proper crisps ?
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